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Volkswagen Recalls

We operate a recall department that provides safety recall and Volkswagen campaign services.

Volkswagen Recall Department in Miami, FL

We operate a recall department that provides safety recall and Volkswagen campaign services. If your Volkswagen model has an active safety recall or service campaign, you can get it from an authorized dealership such as Deel Volkswagen. Our certified technicians have received recall-specific training to get the job done right by following the technical service bulletin with genuine OEM parts if needed. Recall services are completed at no charge to the owner and with a fast turnaround according to certified Volkswagen standards. Schedule your recall service today at Deel Volkswagen.

Safety Recalls vs. Service Campaigns Explained

The Volkswagen recall department is equipped to handle both safety recalls and service campaigns. A safety recall is a service that fixes a vehicle risk related to federal standards according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). A Volkswagen campaign service is for correcting non-safety technical issues usually related to emissions or performance standards. We recommend scheduling safety recalls and campaign services promptly to eliminate risk and promote the best overall performance.

Volkswagen Recall Department
VW Recall Department

Recall Service Overview

Recall services must be completed at a Volkswagen-authorized dealership. This ensures that the service is completed to certified standards by qualified technicians according to the service protocol. It also ensures that the service is completed at no charge. The service objective is to eliminate risk in the case of safety recalls or improve performance in service campaigns.

How to Check on Active Volkswagen Safety Recalls

There are several possible ways to check on active safety recalls and campaigns. Owners should receive a notification letter sent to the last known address on file about active recalls. This letter details the problem and how to fix it. You can also check online here by entering the 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your VIN can be found on the registration or the small aluminum plate on the dashboard at the windshield. You can also call us to speak with a knowledgeable service advisor regarding your Volkswagen model’s active recalls.

Schedule Recall Service at Deel Volkswagen in Miami, FL

Local Volkswagen owners can schedule recall services online or by phone. We encourage customers to try online service scheduling to book recall services 24/7, quickly with basic information. Recall services at Deel Volkswagen also include a multi-point inspection that helps drivers achieve optimal maintenance and the best performance results.

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